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Sunday's Sermon
Preacher, Rev. Miguel Torneire
March 31st, 2019
Producer: John Newbold
For this Sunday's sermon we welcome guest pastor, Rev. Miguel Torneire. Pastor Torneire has earned a Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Bachelor of Theology (BA) and Master of Arts in Christian Outreach (MA). He also serves as Executive Director of Developing Our World. He is an Assistant Pastor to the Deployed as Missionary-at-Large at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Tempe, AZ and previously served as the Director for Central America and Missionary-at-Large for Central American Lutheran Mission Society, 2008-2018 and Missionary Pastor at Iglesia Luterana El Divino Salvador (Divine Savior Lutheran Church) in Zacapa, Guatemala, 2004-2008. He co-founded GELNET (Global Evangelical Lutheran Network) which is a think-tank and hands on mission plating networking platform for mission leaders and church planters, an alternative space for local congregations looking to engage, encourage, equip and partner with indigenous leaders and churches around the world.