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April 2024

by Rev. Phillip Girardin

For some time, I had taken a prolonged break from social media. I had been on it since the MySpace days (and last I looked, the profile still existed!) moving into Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and on and on. Post Covid, I didn't like how people were acting to each other. It seemed like the worst of mankind was getting worse, and the best of mankind was seemingly disappearing. Bad behavior was getting worse and more frequent, and love for our neighbor was quickly becoming a thing of the past. As I was visiting with a member or two about something I would like to see here at Zion we began to discuss social media and the need to be in the world market place. It occurred to me that I hadn't looked at anything in some time, so I logged on. A friend of mine had posted about how at one time the beginning of Spring was considered the New Year, and that resolutions were to be made at that time, instead of in the middle of winter. This kind of makes sense if you think about the idea of life bursting forth in the Spring.

As we move into April, we just finished celebrating the Festival of the Resurrection. This is our new beginning. It evokes all manner of emotion from us as we hear, joyfully, the work of Jesus given to us. We don't need to be afraid of death. Jesus overcame it, and we have the promise of eternal life. We don't need to worry about satan because that hateful old foe has been defeated. Most certainly, he is still trying to create problems, but he is just doing what he does. His defeat has been accomplished. Sin has no authority over you. It has been thrown down. Jesus took our Old Adam and placed it in the tomb, and has been left there.

With the Spring, we see new life burst forth all around us. We start to consider the planting of gardens, and how our flower beds will be laid out. We sit on our porches and enjoy a cup of coffee as we see kids running around in the street and begin, or continue, to make plans for the Summer. All of these are activities rejoice in the idea of life. That promise of life is given to us today as the Father continues to uphold everything that is given as a gift, and we rejoice knowing that all the promises of God are given to us.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the promise of the ages, and the continuing of others. Jesus has done all the good work for us, we are promised life and eternity. The promise is of a new Spring that will go on into eternity. The promises of God find their yes in Jesus. Paul reminds us in 2nd Corinthians 1:20.

For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.

Brothers and sisters, our glory is found in Jesus, and we rejoice in Him as His new creations.

Christ is risen!

Pastor Phil

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